Sunday, 17 May 2015

Banting Truffles ("Fat Bombs")

I've been trying to find a few nice recipes for something sweet and satisfying to have while banting. There are a lot of recipes out there for fat bombs, but I've got a few problems with them.
  • The name. Eugh.
  • They use so much coconut oil. That stuff is super expensive!
  • Some have other weird and wonderful ingredients I just don't have, and don't plan to buy just for one recipe.
I've tried out a few recipes. The chocolate ones have been too dark and bitter; the lemon ones don't taste of anything but butter (I guess that's why they use so much coconut oil). The choc fudge ones wouldn't set. I am still experimenting but here's the first batch I thought wasn't too bad. In fact, they were finally good enough to give as a gift to some fellow banters. If you are using Stevia or some sort of liquid sweetener, you can skip the melting phase. It's just to dissolve the xylitol granules I use so they aren't crunchy in the truffles.

To set your truffles, there are a number of options.
  • You can use small paper liners, like in the photo. This is the least effort, and prettiest, option. Put them in a mini cupcake pan or cake pop pan, or on a flat plate that you can transfer easily.
  • You can chill it until almost set and roll into balls, then roll in cocoa like normal truffles
  • Chill it in a buttered dish and cut into blocks
  • Use a cake pop tin, ice cube tray or mini cupcake pan. Remember to butter or spray it first - it might be a bit harder to get them out of these shapes as they don't set completely like chocolate.
May I suggest spooning the finished mixture into a piping bag or zip seal bag with a small corner cut off, and piping it into your container(s). It isn't runny enough to pour, and using a spoon will get messy. You can see the swirls in the picture where I piped mine into my papers; maybe next time I'll keep the tip still so they don't look so much like... well, you know.

I think you could reduce the cocoa a bit, they still taste quite dark; I want to keep trying to perfect the recipe. It's a tough life :)

Banting chocolate truffles


  • 125 g coconut oil and/or butter - I used 75g coconut oil and 50g butter
  • 25 g cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp sweetener (e.g. xylitol)
  • Half a tub (about 113g) cream cheese


  1. Melt the xylitol in 50g of the oil by microwaving in short bursts, until dissolved (careful that you don't burn it though)
  2. Soften the rest of the oil if necessary, in the microwave, in VERY short bursts
  3. Mix together all the ingredients. Whisk well until it's all dissolved, slightly set and glossy
  4. Transfer into your container(s) of choice (see above), and allow to set in the fridge or freezer. Keep chilled at all times.

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